Sun-Energy Community Development Initiative (SECODI) is an enthusiastic and powerful organization that is supported by Tai Energy Company and Foshan Tanfon Energy Technology Company China. SECODI has a Crowdfunding and Reward System (MLCRS) with the sole aim of alleviating poverty and enormously improving the current conditions of poor electricity and water supply in Third World countries thereby bringing the easy life to all.
The rate of poverty in Third World countries is devastating and the electrical power shortage is alarming. According to statistics, more than 40% of people living in sub-saharan Africa live at or below abject poverty level, not having access to power supply, portable water and irrigation. Government has done a lot but Government cannot do it all.
SECODI’s Crowdfunding and Reward System (CRS) is a way of raising fund through individuals’ contributions, Government and organization donations for Community Solar System and other renewable energy projects , Individual Solar products and Support funds for registered members. All projects for communities and registered members are executed at low cost. Our Crowdfunding and Reward System is to complement Government efforts to force development in African Countries. This will enable interested individuals (especially the masses) to have easy access to renewable and long lasting Solar products so as to enhance their lives and living conditions thereby forcing rapid development in our communities. Our crowdfunding programme is in two categories: 
  1. Community Crowdfunding and Reward System (CCRS) : This is for Communities that need our intervention for projects like Community Solar Borehole, Community Renewable Energy Electrification and Rain-maker system for irrigation farming through house to house contributions in the community or through other means.
  2. Multi-Level Crowdfunding and Reward System (MLCRS):  This is the aspect masses can easily participate. Participate at an extremely low cost of contribution of $17 you can achieve financial freedom, say goodbye to electricity bills, have access to portable water and also all-year-round farming. JOIN NOW let’s build a darkness free world together. Together we can!!!!