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Solar Dc Freezer

(5 customer reviews)


This Solar Freezer is a DC freezer it works solely when connected to batteries, it is not connected to mains, although the batteries can be charged with solar and also with mains powers through a battery charger.

The package contains a DC Freezer


• 12VDC with low voltage disconnect for battery protection

• Low Frost System

• Environmentally friendly CFC-free refrigerant (R-600a)

• Rugged scratch resistant galvanized steel exterior

• Easy to clean aluminum interior • Automatic control with adjustable thermostat


5 reviews for Solar Dc Freezer

  1. Joachim fynn

    Want to be a distributing of the Solar products

    • moscolio2010

      You have to be a registered member

  2. Uche

    Please how many watts?

    • moscolio2010


  3. Ishaq Usman

    What’s the capacity of the freezer. How many litres?

  4. Oluokun Akanbi Omotosho

    How soon after purchase do I expect DELIVERY of my purchased product in Ibadan , Oyo state, for example?

    • moscolio2010

      The delivery is within 3- 5 days after payment is confirmed.

  5. Eke Kalu

    If the battery of the freezer is being charged on the mains or through solar panel, can the freezer still be working with the battery as DC or will be disconnected until the battery is first charged with mains. What is the capacity of the freezer in litres and how many distributors point value does the freezer carry?

    • moscolio2010

      The freezer does not need to be connected. As long as there is a charge controller, it will control any excess current.
      The freezer is 290 litres.
      The freezer has 1000 point value.

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