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Solar Dc Induction Cooker


Time to reduce your expenses and save more for the future.

No more buying kerosine, gas, firewood and charcoals

*Solar Induction Cooker*
Voltage: 12V/24V
Power: 200W

*No more gas or kerosene is exhausted or high electricity bills, it consumes less power*

1. *Health Care:*
a. No radiation
b. No electromagnetic wave radiation
c. Suitable for pregnant women,old people and children to use.
d. Does not produce carbon monoxide
e. Smokeless

2. *Security:*
a. It has multiple safety protection
b. It prevent overheating & leakage
c. No fire produce while using the cooker.
d. Waterproof, safe and reliable.
c. No fire outbreak

3. *Suitability:*
Can be used with all kinds of pots such as; ceramic pots, stainless steel pots, iron pots, aluminum pots, glass pots.

4. *Convenient:*
a. Strong heat to cook fast
b. Heat evenly for better cooking experience
c. Good to steam fish, cooking, soup, frying and barbecue.



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