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SECODI is an International Renewable Energy organisation that is into Solar/Wind Energy installation, DC products distribution, Community Development, economic and social empowerment programmes.

Financial Freedom
Financial Freedom (Earning potential from $30 to $85,000 through Referral bonuses, matrix bonuses and sales of solar products) and in our BUSINESS FOR LIFE programme your earnings are unlimited.

Car Luxury
Become a car owner. Drive a brand new car

Become a Landlord
Own a house that is fully solar-powered

Free Power Supply
24hours electricity without paying electricity bills or using generators

Water Supply
24hours water supply with our Solar Borehole

Solar Installation Training
You get free Solar Installation training and become self-reliant

Free Borehole
Have the Privilege of transforming your community by sinking a solar Borehole for them fully paid by SECODI

Save Money
Buy solar products at distributors’ prices and sell at consumers’ prices. Save power with our products.

Earn Commission
10% Commission for direct sales

Big Business Opportunities
Big business opportunities for every member (You can install solar electricity for communities and they pay you electricity bills or borehole water)

Become an ICON
Become an ICON to be celebrated generation to generation as you
transform communities.

Certification of New Solar Installers
C.E.O with the Solar Car

SECODI Crowd Funding and Multi-Level Programme and basically has two (2) ways to kick start:

i. The Starter Membership Registration: N7,500 The member will be awarded with an e-membership certificate

ii. Distributors Membership Registration: N52,500 The member earns their 1st incentive of a Mini Solar generator, an e-membership certificate and an ID card. This registration package opens 7 straight accounts in favour of the member

Other registration Packages for Mega Distributors are:

Senior Distributors Membership Registration: N457,500 This registration package opens 61 straight accounts in favour of the member and instant incentives of 15 Mini Solar Generators and Distributor's Incentive

Senior Distributors Membership Registration: N3,832,500

This registration package opens 511 straight accounts in favour of the member and instant incentives of 127 Mini Solar Generators, 15 Distributor's Incentives and 1 Senior Distributor Incentive.

SECODI BUSINESS PLAN opportunities are Limitless.

Our Programs

We Offer Different Programs to Help You

Multi Level

Multi-Level Crowdfunding and Reward System (MLCRS): This is the aspect masses can easily participate. Participate at an extremely low cost of contribution of $25 you can achieve financial freedom, say goodbye to electricity bills, have access to portable water and also all-year-round farming. JOIN NOW let's build a darkness free world together. Together we can!!!!


Community Crowdfunding and Reward System (CCRS) : This is for Communities that need our intervention for projects like Community Solar Borehole, Community Renewable Energy Electrification and Rain-maker system for irrigation farming through house to house contributions in the community or through other means.


DIRECT SALES DISTRIBUTORS: Members that are distributors can buy and sale solar products in large quantity but you get POINTS (PV) when you activation BUSINESS FOR LIFE.
We pay 10% commission for referral of any project through BUSINESS FOR LIFE (B4L).

Our Products

Checkout Our Latest Products

Universal Rechargeable 12 Watts Led Light Bulb - Intelligent Emergency Energy Saving

No need for separate emergency lights that lie underutilized in the corner of your home.

Battery Backup: with 4 hour life
Automatic On: Instantly lights up during power cuts when switch is on
Hassle Free: No more need for an inverter or UPS

Can be unscrewed from bulb socket and used as an emergency light to move around

Good for kids room, and places around the home frequently visited

A very handy bulb

Rechargeable Standing Fan

The universal 18” rechargeable fan has dual functionality‎;‎ it operates with electricity while charging itself at the same time‎.‎ So when power goes off‎,‎ it won‎’‎t stop wor

Key Features:

Power: 15 Watts
Current: 0.3A
Battery: 12V 7Ah Lead Acid Battery
Duration: 3 – 7.5hours
Charge Time: 10 – 15hours
DC Brushless Motor
High Quality Double Bearings
Solar Chargeable Input
DC 12V Output
Colour: White

Car Power Adapter

Car Power inverters allow you to run low power AC electrical devices like computers, video cams, mobile phones, TV sets, fans, digital equipments, etc. It’s the best choice for your self-drive, field work & entertainment in your car.

Key Features:

Sufficient 150W output
New original electronic components
Built-in cooling fan
Short circuit protection
Stable output voltage and frequency
Advanced SMT technology
Output Power: 101 – 200W
Output Type: Single
Input Voltage: 12v
Output Voltage: 220v
Type: DC/AC Inverters

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How To Register

1. Purchase Registration e-pin. Get a sponsor and Use the e-pin you have purchased on the online registration form to complete your registration.

2. After payment kindly send SMS or Whatsapp DESPOSITOR’S NAME and AMOUNT to 08027413925 *Notification for qualifications* by Whatsapp and SMS to +2348027413925

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