About us

Sun – Energy Community Development Initiative (SECODI) is a programme that engages in various activities with the aim of bringing rapid development to Communities. This is to enable the poor and the average in rural and urban areas to have access to some of the basic amenities. SECODI takes a holistic approach to societal development through its initiatives so as to ensure economic growth and poverty alleviation.

Development has been left in the hands of the Government for too long, therefore we are giving a helping hand by making Solar Products affordable and available for the common man.  SECODI is in collaboration with DONGPING TAI ENERGY COMPANY LTD. A China based company that is into production & distribution solar products.



  • Easy access to Solar electricity for both rural and urban populace

  • Enhance farming culture with our Rain Maker solar powered

  • To engage in various activities that will bring rapid development to communities


There are four (4) programme structures in which you can benefit from SECODI:

  1. LOAN PURCHASE: This loan is for any project above 2 Million. Individuals or community that have the need of solar products can make off payment of 50% of the total sum and after installation can pay balance in five (5) months installments after fulfilling the terms and conditions of SECODI for the loan which is you have the repayment capacity and a worthy guarantor.

  2. DIRECT COMMISSION: Anyone that sales our Solar Products will receive 10% commission of the total sum.

  3. MULTI-LEVEL CROWDFUNDING AND REWARD SYSTEM (MLCRS): Since we also want our Solar products to be accessed by the average and poor people in the society we have also introduced a compensation plan for introducing people to our solar Products. MLCRS is structured to assist the common people or willing people in the society that wish to have these facilities but can’t afford directly due to their low income. To register and benefit from this programme you pay the sum of $17 which at along run will assist you to get most of the Solar Products

  4. INVESTMENT: Invest with SECODI and make 10% monthly